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What Is Solar Energy?

Simply put, solar is the most abundant source of energy on Earth. About 173,000 terawatts of solar energy strike the Earth at any given time - more than 10,000 times the world's total energy needs. Capturing the sun's energy with a business or home solar system that creates clean electricity is a key solution in combating the current climate crisis and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Using Solar Electricity at Home

A solar electric or PV - photovoltaic - system can reliably produce electricity for your home or office. These small or distributed solar systems are often installed by home or business owners to offset their electricity costs.

Lower Power Cost Energy

Solar energy is sustainable, renewable, and plentiful. As the cost of using solar to produce electricity goes down each year, many Americans are increasingly switching to solar. Now, there are over a million solar installations across the country. Below are additional benefits of switching to solar electricity.

Utility Rate

Rates are extremely important to the energy analysis community for accurately determining the value and economics of distributed generation such as Solar and Wind power.

Cost Savings!

Financial returns and lower monthly utility bills are major incentives for going solar. The exact savings you will see with solar depends on the following: Electricity consumption Solar energy system size Whether you purchase or lease your system Direct hours of daily sunlight Size and angle of roof Local electricity rates.

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Solar Solutions

Financial returns and lower monthly utility bills are major incentives for going solar.


What Means Off-Grid

Being off-grid means you are not connected in any way to your grid's power system or utility company


Grid Analytics

Different types of Monitoring and Data Analytics solutions.


Saving Tips

How to calculate and plan your Cost Effective Solar Power Plant


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What changes we see in the market


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